On the next Sunday dinner, everything seemed to be normal. Sky and Kevin were in good moods and sitting together while Karen and I sat together on the other side of the table. Mom seemed to be happy with Skylar’s choice of Kevin as a boyfriend. I had to chuckle at the thought that Kevin had been Mother tested and approved! Skylar looked at me, “What’s so funny?” “Nothing just a joke I heard at work today,” I told her. “Tell it to us!” “I’m no good at telling jokes, and besides, it’s pretty nasty.” “Sunday dinner is no place for that.” Karen agreed. Skylar frowned at me but let it go as Kevin excused himself for the bathroom. “You better not let that one get away,” Karen whispered over to Skylar.” “Oh, don’t worry mom,” Skylar replied, “I won’t.” “Good, because I want some grandkids one of these days.” “I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.” “Nobody is dear,” mom told her, “If the sex is good enough, it just happens.” “MOM!” I had to laugh, “I can just see you with a huge big belly.” “S